Supporter ($3)

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Kunoichi Access

  • All previous rewards
  • Early access to new releases
  • Access to HD DLC
  • Your name on the in-game message board
  • Access to the list from the most recent changes in dev build
  • Access to the CG gallery, where you can see the process of creating art

Anytime Access

  • All previous rewards
  • Access to the latest dev version of the game at any time


  • All previous rewards
  • Your name on the mountain with Hokage faces


  • All previous rewards
  • We will make a costume for (almost) any character according to your design. Maximum 1 request per month

Stage Director

  • All previous rewards except Panda
  • A small event with one art, made according to your description


  • All previous rewards
  • OR
  • Your name/logo/website on the game's splash screen during launch and on the front page of the game's official website